League of Legends Betting – How to place Lol bets?

League of legends is a game based on two teams each one made by 5 players. Lol have become from 2011 to 2016 one of the most played esports in the world. The total increase is made by permanently updates, new champions and, of course, championships where players can show all their strength in a fair battle where the glory is only for the unbeaten.

With all this idea League of legends appeared easily on betting markets. In this article I’m going to explain what types of bets can you make for League of legends and a little explanation about how this game is working.

There are many types of occasions that you can put money on, starting with forex markets, sport and other different gambling services. Now you can find new ways of betting through esports: League of legends, Dota 2 , Cs:Go and so on. Below I’m going to show you which types of predictions you can do online and how the Lol is actually working.

How to bet on LoL

Type of bets

Match winner

The most simplest way of what you can bet in Lol is match winner. As simple as it sounds you’re supposed to place money between team 1 or team 2. The odds can be different, depending on their value or history of recent matches. Of course, from this category can appear many other ideas of betting like the final score between two teams.

Kill bet

In Lol what is the most important to win a game is to have more kills. Every champion is trying to defeat his opponent to gain gold much faster having the final purpose to destroy first the enemy’s nexus.

In this section it is supposed to bet between the maximum kills of one game if the number is over or down. It is the same like as football when you’re betting on the number of goals. Kills depend on the value of teams, players that are inside and this type of bet it supposed to have a lot of acknowledge about ranked games. Sometimes players are conservative and just staying on lane to farm, other games are just full minute by minute with team fights.

Penta kill

Every League of legends player’s dream is to have a penta kill. For the most of the guys it means glory and personal achievement of a pro-player. A good way to earn money is to bet if in that game it will be a penta kill or not.

This type of predictions will not be found on many websites but for sure you can find something similar to this. I got at a moment a few USD betting on Faker will have a penta kill in the final of the championship in 2015. Of course, on some websites you can even find the point of wagering on double or triple and why not quadra kills that are in a match. Usually, you should find an odd of 10x or even 15x for a 5-character kill.

Championship winner

The most difficult type of prediction, in my opinion, is this one. Winning a championship now a days with so many pro teams is getting more and more difficult. Teams are getting better, training is more difficult, League of legends itself is changing constantly and all this is preventing us to make the correct decision.

Of course, everyone will come and tell me that in the last 4 years World Championship was won 3 times by SK Telecom 1… Even so, the games weren’t easy at all. It was a continuous fight between teams to the glory. I truly appreciate these guys for what they are doing but you cannot be champion forever.

Before that you can bet for any stage, if you’re having a favorite team from you’re country for example, you can presume that the team will reach the top 16 or more. Of course, Sk Telecom can not participate in all tournaments and this is making the competition even harder to understand who is going to be the winner.

Special bets

Who is going to be the best AD carry of this event? Or the best mid laner? Here is the section where you can find all the type of bets you’d never figure out that they are existing. Why? Because LoL 😀 .

Here are some examples of special occasions that you can predict: total heal made by a player or a team, minions killed in a match as average or gold earned in a normal ranked game.

Total stats of a tournament

At my special category I was speaking of stats just over one game. The total stats of a tournament are about the average kills per match in a tournament or assists. Personally, this is the hardest to think or analyze but these bets are having their place in my categories too.

In my research on internet, these were the biggest categories of Leauge of Legends bets I could find. Betting market evolved and now we’re having more and more types of events to place money on. Everyone can win a lot of real cash, but, of course, you’ll need to have into your head ideas about teams. Even so, blind bets are maybe sometimes the best thinking at the fact that betting is partly defined by luck.


League of legends tutorial and basics.

5 vs 5, only one team can reach the final glory. I think this is the phrase that defining League of legends. In this part I’m going to explain how a normal match of Lol is played, from the first moment when you’re choosing your character to the end of the game, the destruction of enemy’s nexus.

First of all and maybe the basics is that you need an account. Your first games will be vs computer, a team made by 5 players playing versus bots. Starting with level 3 of experience you can start competing versus real users.

Lol Basics Tutorial

Level and rank

All the matches are made by your experience of your level of playing. At the beginning, you’ll be competing only with noobs that are having your level of experience. How you’re going to increase in level? Extremely easy. Just playing. You don’t need to be the best from the begging, you’ll be receiving experience every time.

The maximum level of experience is level 30. If you’re doing constantly 1-2 matches per day you can reach it quite easy in almost one month. After level 30 fun is starting: you’ll be able to play rank games with users that are getting better and better by each league you’re advancing.

There are 6 groups in Lol: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger. After making level 30 you are supposed to play 10 times to test your level of play. Mostly you’ll be put in Silver but god knows. Every division is made by other 5 divisions and victory by victory you’ll be earning more points that are going to help you to advance.

Type of champions

Attack damage characters called AD guys are giving damage by hit and skills are in almost all the cases. You can find them on all the lanes but for sure every game on BOT lane playing as AD carry.

Ability power champions are the players that are giving the biggest part of their damage from their skills. As I said before 73% of gamers that are playing on MID lane are choosing an ability power champion.

Hybrid characters, not a common name for this kind of champions. These heroes can be played as equal as AD and AP, but for sure here are different types of players that are making only one kind of items for this.

Roles of play

The only important thing at one League of legends match is that you can win only if you’re destroying enemy’s nexus. For doing that you need to advance destroying all the towers on the road to it. There are 3 lines in this game, TOP, MID and BOT LANE. 3 lines but 5 players? In a normal Lol game there are 5 roles of play.

Mostly on TOP line you’ll be seeing just one guy from both teams that are struggling in the first part of the action to kill each other. It depends on style of play but personally when I’m going on TOP lane I’m picking champions that are having a lot of life, that can be tanks in the last part of the game. On top lane can be Ability power and Attack Damage characters.

On MID lane you’ll found out the guys that usually are taking care of a game. Tones of damage every gamer on mid lane is going to play “one shot, two kills”. 73% of users are choosing Ability power champions with some exceptions like Zed or Yasuo.

BOT lane is the only one where are 2 players from each team. The AD carry (attack damage) is playing on bot. A hero that is not having so much life but his damage is going made. Even the name of the role is saying that he is going to be the guy that can change the game to your favor in any moment. With AD carry is playing the SUPPORT. Support is many times too a tank, depending on what the team is having, like the name says the support is taking care of AD carry to grow in damage and protecting the team. I’m seeing the support a captain of a game.

Ok, 3 lanes, 4 players, 5 roles. The last role of a LoL game is the jungler. Well, like the name says, this kind of player is growing up in experience in jungle, killing special monsters to gain some bonuses. Also, the jungler is the guy that is going by surprise to all the lanes where he is needed to kill the enemies.

What you need to do to win a league of legends game?

For sure you need to be the best. How can you be like that? Well, this is not so hard. The most important thing is to gain more gold than your enemy. For sure the final objective is to destroy enemy’s nexus but how can you get so far?

Having more gold means better items than your opponent. Items are helping you develop and grow in strength during a game. Having more items you’re damage and ability effects will be increased and it will be much easier for you to win a game.

KILL THE MINIONS! Yeah guys do not forget this! Killing minions is the only way that you can earn gold in the first phase of the action. Killing more minions than your enemy can represent an advantage. You can use this knowledge while making bets on League of Legends.


Every week LoL is giving a rotation of free champions with which one you can try To be able to play constantly with a champion that you like you need to buy them using Influence points (made by playing) or Riot Points (deposit).

What I’m finding so beautiful at this game? It is in a continuous change. From time to time Riot is launching new champions, new items to buy, modify the structure of some runes and so on to make the game more and more attractive.

Type of games

The most important games that you can play in league of legends are:

  • Summoner’s Rift – 5 vs 5. The most important games ranked or normal are being played here. Almost all of the professional Lol betting events are played on this map of glory and magnificent. Duration of a normal match is 30-45 minutes.
  • Twisted Treeline – 3 vs 3. Just two lanes with two towers each. Usually, time of play is 20-30 minutes.
  • Howling Abyss – 5 vs 5. The most interactive type of game these days. 5 vs 5 players with random champions are fighting in a lane to reach final glory! Normal duration of a match is 20-30 minutes.
The most important games that LoL is offering at special occasions are:
  • Ultra Rapid Fire – Played on Summoner’s Rift, in normal cases 5 vs 5, this one is my favorite type. All the cool down reduction of skills is increased up to 80% which is making spam of buttons to be even bigger.
  • Doom Bots – Same on Summoner’s Rift, this mode is taking usually exactly 17 minutes. In a game where a player is in total disadvantage and bots are just going mad, winning a match reach the level of impossible.
  • Hexakill mode – We all want to kill 5 enemies and make a penta kill. But what about hexa kill? Played on twisted treeline but sometimes on Summoner’s Rift, this mode is 6 vs 6 and allows you to reach FINAL GLORY!!! HEXAKILL
  • One for All – Still on Summoner’s Rift a mode where all the players are playing with the same hero.


The greatest Lol tournaments

Lol Tournaments

We just found out the winner of the last League of Legends World Championship. This one is kindly the biggest tournament of Lol year by year.

World Championship is the biggest competition is starting to have a tradition along all the gamers around the world. In 2016 there was the sixth and the most beautiful competition till now. What it was so great about it? Think about only prizes. First place just got over 1.000.000$ and a cup that was over 32 kg (70 pounds).

The first Championship started with season 1 in 2011 having total prizes of 500.000$ growing up to 2016 at total prizes of 6.000.000$ according to Wikipedia. Year by year League of legends became more and more popular, in 2014 Lol was the most played game in the world and this fact just made sponsors to come and invest in this business.

According to Guinness world records in the last 4 years gaming competitions with the biggest profits for sponsors are made by Esports and this just made the world of investors to go mad. Even so, the prizepools for Dota 2 are getting bigger and bigger in their attempt to defeat League of Legends level of users.

LoL Championships are mostly one time a year, where the strongest representatives of every server are meeting together. Even so, there is a long way to get to the final, but the glory is unbelievable. This is also the biggest event for League of Legends betting. In the last 3 years the tournament is being dominated by SK Telecom-1 with victories in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Tournaments are made all over the globe by sponsors from time to time. The next big event available for EUNE (Europe north and east) and EUW (Europe West) is Ragnarok. This competition is for players in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (and their autonomous regions). Teams will clash through March for glory, prizes and a spot in the EU Challenger Series Summer Qualifier.

Mostly of regional competitions aren’t with such big bounties, usually prizes for teams goes up between 1000-5000 eur at their maximum. Of course, it depends on sponsor but even so. Beyond this, there are national events where every team can join and show their value in a real conflict of power and strength.

So what do we have till now? LoL Championships that are held annually and you are qualified by playing regional competitions, national events and, of course, special tournaments held occasionally or with special sponsors.

All these tournaments are made especially for players to challenge their skills and to be awarded for their work of getting there. But there are even websites that are paying you to play LoL. I’m not going to name them but for example if you get in a solo game a score like 20-2 with 2 or 3 double kills you can get 2 euros daily.

More and more winning can be made with LoL by streaming, guys from Twitch are amazing! Just use your imagination and show your skills. There are possibilities of people paying just to see you playing! There are guys that are earning easily 1000-2000 euros daily by Twitch and, of course, you can combine twitch with YouTube for even more fans. The most players that are streaming didn’t start this for money but now they do not regret.


Legendary League of Legends players

In this part I’m just going to show you some examples of players that amazed the world of League of legends.

best players LoL

Over the years Bang was never the best player, at the beginning of his carrier he achieved with success the premier Solo queue gamer but till the moment when he joined SK Telecom – 1 never had the power to show us that he is a born talent. He was consistent and his style as carry just proved to us “contrary”. If you want to start making bets on Lol, then keep an eye on this gamer.

He easily showed us one of the most exemplary plays of BOT lane, a guy that is not having so many holes in his style, Bang almost changed the definition of LoL adc mode. The most important thing about his style of play is that he has amazing skills of quick reaction and instincts. He is a gamer, who can carry your team through the worst moments.

Best players LoL Doublelift

DoubleLift is absolutely amazing if you’re looking at his kind of approach. Totally dominating laning phase and sometimes he is unparalleled by any other gamers on this list. One of the most experienced guys from North America server, he never had the opportunity yet to win a major title or a Championship.

In any cases his ability to support, to be a back-line guy made him to be here on this list. Sometimes his faith into his teammates is making him more and more patient and the road to glory seems to be much easier for him.

Best players LoL Piccaboo

With trophies after trophies Piccaboo seems to be the best AD carry since 2014. With an annoying style of play, mostly really low-economy, Picabo is starting with a great focus on lane. A normal support will never leave BOT lane and gank mid lane at level 2-3, but Piccaboo is really doing this.

A guy who is present at almost all important competitions from 2014 to present, Piccaboo is the kind of gamer that you will never know what to expect from him. Fast, energetic, maybe sometimes really boring – he is going to surprise you every time.

Best players LoL Aphromoo

Aphromoo is a friend of Doublefit, they are even calling themselves forever bros. Even though Aphromoo was developing himself over the years and become the captain of Counter Logic Gaming. The way of how he is interacting with the teammates is making you feel more safe about the situation in a match.

He appeared for the first time on the first page at the begging of 2013 playing like a real nervous AD carry. Year by year his style changed and he became more and more threatening into BOT lane. He became the guy who could do anything to carry Doublefit, to do anything to win a game.

Best players LoL Ziv

Simply the greatest gamer of 2015 Summer Split, Ziv proved that he is maybe the best top laner ever. His performance was so exemplary that he was awarded with the MVP of season 5.

Of course, League of legends is a game played only in mutual aid mode that means a simply player like Ziv can not carry all the team. In any cases any team playing with Ziv it is unbelievable. Overtime you’ll be watching a game with Ziv as a player it will be like the best movie you will ever see.

Best players LoL Bjergsen

Finally we’re having in our top an European player… still this guy is playing on North America server. The first mid liner from our list Bjergsen just is devastating any enemy on his way.

What is beautiful about playing versus Bjergsen? You’ll never know when you’re going to die. Well, this is kind of easy because he is the only one that knows, and when he wants this to happen…believe me it will happen. The perfect type of gamer with patience and unbelievable mechanical skills. Please watch this guy.

Best players LoL Huni

The best Ryze top? Huni is. Huni is the kind of guy that is always having confidence in him. In my personal opinion, he is the perfect wild card for any team. I watched his games live when I had the chance many times and there was not even a moment when he disappointed me.

He is that type of gamers that can go 1vs4 under turret and make a quadra kill. As I said he is an aggressive player, but this is not enough to be a pro. Huni is a great combination of aggression and calmness, like Bjergsen waiting for the best moment to strike.

SsumdayBest players LoL Ssumday

In 2014 we were all WTF. This guy was more than gorgeous. Again a top liner into our list, but this one is special. There is no other top liner like Ssumday only because no one can use all the opportunities like he is doing. He is using every minute of the game trying to find and use the weaknesses of the opponents, take advantage and win the game easily.

Best players LoL Imp

The best Vayne in Lol? For sure this is the guy. Everyone is amazed of how a mid player can carry a match. Imp can change your mind. He is the type of players that is always relaxed but ready to attack.

Never chill, never too aggressive. First time when I saw him I was thinking like, never, but never I can defeat this guy in a direct fight. From the first moment when he reaches a lane he is totally dominating it!

Best players LoL Faker

From my perspective, this is the best player of League of legends today. No one can explain his style of play. He is dominating every game and just can not argue with that.

In a moment you’re seeing him top, now bot and in the end killing the mid player. The best Ahri and LeBlanc maybe Faker is just faking the game, he is reinventing it. Every championship where he played till now, he came back with a trophy without having a competition. Every aspect of his play is in general better than every other guy on mid lane in the world.

These are my favorites players from League of legends. Watch them and learn from them!

Good luck!